Domes for Veterans - Every veteran will have the opportunity to come home and relax after years of service to the American people at no additional charge.  Additionally,  families of fallen heroes/heroines will also have a place among the Eco Dome Home Communities  Each dome home purchased  in the Beaumunities will build two Eco Dome Homes for two veterans or their families.  Each veteran will in turn offer a few hours per month in their expertise or a job of their choosing to help maintain the community.

Domes for Families - we look forward to providing housing to families with rental vouchers, Section 8, and state assistance recipients.   To maintain the community each family will work a few hours in the community weekly with a four week vacation period yearly.

Domes for the Homeless - shared living quarters in a 2-4 per dome living arrangement will take the homeless from the streets and provide them with safe, sustainable living in a beautiful environment.  In return each dome share recipient will pay the taxes and work a few hours in the community per week to maintain the communities upkeep. 

Beaumunities for luxurious affordable living - designer dome homes with all of the frills for purchase by the general public.  For each dome home purchased in a Beaumunity two Eco Dome Homes will be built for our American veterans to thank them for their service.

In each community intelligent, sustainable design will dominate the landscape coupled with renowned beauty.  Instead of the usual vanity plants food will grow abundantly throughout the community.  Fruit bearing trees will line the streets with natural water capture methods to keep the city clean as well as edible vegetation growing.  Over the tops of domes in some communities you will find food growing.  Grey water and permaculture along with hydroponics will produce food for the entire community and remove their dependence upon mass market chains, GMO and non-organic food sources and overages will be sold at outside farmers and major markets as well as door to door delivery to earn profits for the community upkeep.  Non-fuel supported vehicles will only be allowed in the communities past the construction period.  You will see electric, solar, and even human pedal-powered vehicles within the city limits to keep pollution to a minimum and eliminate dependence on fossil fuel all together.   So grab your rarely used golf cart to donatea sponsor a dome for a person in need today.

Imagine going to the gym and your cardio workout has powered the community for several hours naturally, your door bell rings and the organic, in-community grown food box arrives at your door step, and going to the mail box to retrieve your quarterly commission from the communities overages.  All you need to do is make the initial investment and maintain the community through your service and paid government taxes.  Imagine your child wants to play video games or watch a movie...mommy sweetly walks him over to his personal stationary exercise bike and sets the dial for say 20 min. so that the child can power her activities while staying healthy simultaneously .

These are just some of the intelligent design one can look forward to enjoying with Beau Monde Project.